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March is a GREAT time to start your summer garden:  Call your local garden center and ask them to put together the basics for you - seeds, pots, soil.  Once you have your gear, plant seends according to packet instructions, place, and start preparig your outdoor garden area, be in in your yard, a local gardening plot, a container, or haybale - yes - even a haybale!



You don't need chalk for Hopscotch... make your grid using dead sticks, dead head your garden grasses, pebbles, woodchips, acorns, old shoelaces... what ever you have at home.  


Games from Around the World: Sticks and Stone Ebook (2-6 players)


TOPS & BOTTOMS GARDENING– Growing celery without seeds!

Do you want to plant veggies that grow up (tops) like cucumbers, lettuce, peppers or under (bottoms) like carrots, potatoes and onions?  Color your favorite!

Veggie Coloring Pages  Count & Graph Your Veggies

Growing celery from the base of the stalks is a fun project that couldn't be easier. Celery sprouts surprisingly fast and, except for the cutting part, even very young children can do the whole project.  Take the base of your celery and put it in a small jar or dish filled with about a half-inch to an inch of water. Place the dish in a bright area out of direct sunlight. Your celery should start to sprout in a day or two. Change the water every couple of days, and make sure the dish doesn't dry out.

Measure the changes as it grows.  While you may get more leaves than stalks than we are used to buying in stores, there are great ways to use celery leaves in cooking.... Simple Celery Soup5 Smart Uses for Celery Leaves



KIDS INTERIOR DESIGN   Re-design your bedroom!  (or family room, office, or be really adventurous and set them loose in the kitchen:) - Any 'design' change that allows planning, creativity and implementing kids own new ideas will keep kids moving, thinking and entertained.

Tools:  pencil, graph or reg. paper, tape measure, ruler, post it notes.


1. Measure it, draw it out, and create several designs on paper before deciding on one
2. Create a shoebox diorama to see it in 3D
3. Get 'moving' to bring your plans to life.  

Helpful link:   Kids Interior Design


WORD SEARCH MANIA – Build Your Own Puzzle.

Build Your Own Word Search


Kids Cookbook from iCook After School:  COOKBOOK


Italian PenPal - setting it up - check back soon!